My first solo art show is happening and it's all thanks to your generous donations! This photo project is a visual that many people need to see now and forever.

Below is the official opening flyer followed by a writeup of what it is that the art show will be comprised of. Hope to see you next Saturday and bring a friend!

Thank you beyond the stars <3

"50 SHOTS"

Humanizing America's Most Hunted

Black men continue to be massacred. It's deliberate. It's violent. Even if they aren't physically killed, emotions are being shattered, intentions are being misunderstood and humanity is being ignored. The black race is hurt...hurting. Still.

I have photographed 50 black men who live in Chicago. I took their mugshots. "What if my black male friends were taken to jail," I asked myself. Would the person charging them know or even care about the qualities that make this man the great man that he is?  I get sick to my stomach thinking that any of these men could be harmed because I know them, what they have achieved and what they are capable of. They are celebrated for their compassion and tenacity by the ones who know them but could easily be the next man in the back of a cop car or laying dead in the street simply because of a little extra melanin. *knock on wood*

These 50 men represent black men as a whole; intelligent, varying in backgrounds and interests, wholesome...worthy of living.

The "50 Shots" Project is a testament to my love for black men and my disgust for how they are negatively profiled. Taking their mugshots and having them hold up on a board the characteristics that make them who they are is my way of visually showing the world what it is that I, and many other people know: black men matter.  With your helpful donation I will present to you an art show that will answer the question: What would our community lose if these 50 black men were imprisoned? At the show I will reveal the 50 black men that I took mugshots of. I will hang huge prints of their faces on the walls of a gallery for many people to see. I want you to be the judge and I dare you not to be moved by what it is that they have to share.


Mani <3

To stay updated visit our Instagram: @50ShotsProject

If you were unable to make the show, check out the recap of the opening below. Video by The Conscious Tip.

The Photos

Where Has 50 Shots Been?

Elee.Mosynary Gallery | December 27th, 2014 - 1st week of January 2015

La Catrina Cafe | February 2015

Beauty and Brawn Gallery & Think Space | March 2015 - April 2015

University of Illinois in Chicago Minority Health Midwest Conference | April 9th, 2015

University of California - Berkley Spring Research Symposium | May 7th, 2015

AMFM and Mad Science Present: The 50 Shots Project | May 16th, 2015

Moonlight Owl Collective | August 14th, 2015

gRACE PARTY at The Hairpin Arts Center | August 15th, 2015



Featured Articles:

NewCity Newspaper

Columbia Chronicle

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Special Thanks To:

Kyle La Mere

Shani Crowe

Dominique Shepard

Elee Ecks and the elee.mosynary gallery

The Fat Tiger Workshop

Dante Marshall

Bradley Murray

Morgan Hickman

Adrian Walker

My Mama, duh!

And most importantly, ALL the men involved in this project!

and those who continued to encourage me and tell me that this project needed to be seen.